Thursday, February 5, 2009

Hurray for Nick!!

Nick and Bro. Ball (the man who baptized him)
Marsha and Nick
Nick and his sister, Megan
Sammy... Funny kid!


The "J" Flamly said...

Double Hurray! One for Nick and one for Marsha! Seriously, it was the sweetest baptism I think I've ever been to.

cammie jensen said...

That is so Awesome! It always amazes me how much the church can change our hearts! I have learned so much from new converts to the church!! There enthusiasm for the gospel is contagious and they just shine with the wonderful knowledge that we are all gods children! We are all converts at one time or another in our lives. I love the beautiful countenance that comes with the divine knowledge that god knows and loves us all individually and unconditionally! I am so happy for him! I bet marsha is thrilled!

KT said...

Congrautlations to Nick! I am very excited for him and Marsha.